From Real to unreal.

People in this world are more of illusional than real, They show something else but are something else.

and they don’t even want some real souls to be real now. They want them to sing their songs. Sometimes I really get tired of greeting everyone I meet. People say it’s a way to show respect to somebody but I don’t feel comfortable doing that because I feel so untrue to myself doing that, greeting even those people I don’t want to.

And, when I ask somebody why do I have to do this stupid thing all the time?

They reply that this is how things work, this is how we relate to people.

What if people came to realize that they are doing all this just because society says them to do so, this may be a subtle thing but it leaves a feeling of being fake all the time.

Here’s a story that I read today.

A priest was going to his church. Crossing a field on his way, he saw a wounded man lying in a nearly ditch. A knife protruded from the man’s chest and he was bleeding. The priest considered lifting him up and attending to him, but on second thought he felt it might delay his arrival at the church. He had been mentally preparing his comments as he hurried on his way.

but the wounded man opened his eyes and shouted, “Father, I know that you are going to church to deliver a a sermon on the subject of love. I was going to attend the sermon too, but bandits have stabbed me and thrown me here. He warned him if he somehow survived he would tell people that the father didn’t helped him and instead ran away to deliver his sermon.

This worried the priest. the people of the village would say that his sermons were all humbug. He was not worried about the dying man but of public opinion. As he went closer he said, ” It appears I have seen you somewhere before.

The injured man said, ” You must have. I am Satan, and I have very old relations with priests. If I am not familiar to you, then who else?

The priest remembered him clearly; and he said, ” I cannot save you. It is better you die. You are Satan. We have always been wishing you dead.

Satan laughed and said, ” Listen, don’t be a fool, the day I die you will be out of business ; I am the foundation of your profession. You had better save me, because if I die all the priests and ministers will be out of work because the world will be a better place then.

The priest realized that Satan was speaking a very basic truth. Immediately he lifted the Satan and said, ” don’t worry. I am taking you to the hospital. Please don’t die.”

Trust me they are not enjoying.

I wanted to share this from a long time, I have seen people showing off where they are traveling on their social medias. They post those nice pictures and we think they are having fun but if they were really enjoying will they be wasting their time clicking pictures? if they were really enjoying will they even think about getting their phones out? people even post what they are eating, think how stupid can one be at least leave the food guys, we feel like they must be having fun but if they really had why would they even think about posting a picture on social media, it simply means they must not be enjoying the food.

According to my experience (Because I have traveled a lot on my bike to some of the most beautiful places) I only thought about clicking a photo when I was not liking the place, and I have felt the immense presence when the place with its beauty struck me, and at those moments there was no time for me.

Ending sexuality.

Ending sexuality could be a very difficult thing in adulthood.

but, what if we didn’t let sexuality born in the first place. let’s understand why sexuality is there. Have we ever asked ourselves a question, why only humans have this sexuality and not other animals ? of course they do sex and reproduce a offspring but understand the difference they don’t have sexuality, they just have sex only humans have sexuality and just think what could be the reason? what do animals don’t have that we have? Clothes. Yes, clothes are the real reason because a man isn’t really introduced to a woman’s body in his childhood nor a woman is introduced to a man’s body. if you visit tribal people you will notice that they don’t have this sexual desire because they known their opposite sexes. So the solution could be summarized in just one line.

Just let your children play with their opposite sex’s body for as much as they want, your only role is to teach them the birth control practices.

This is the only solution. I know this seems really difficult considering the present state of our society, but this will surely matter for your child.

What going to cemetery everyday has taught me.

I don’t why but for quite a few days I have been going to visit graveyards.

And I really want to share something which i have learnt in these few days. i was sitting there and something suddenly struck me that, we people are constantly running for something,money, we are chasing our dreams and all kinds of stuff.

but when i was there, i started feeling like all that was futile, chasing after your passion,dreams, running after money, after people. Just for that moment i felt like it will bring to nothing, at the end you are gonna end up in a grave and you cannot take anything with you, your money, your success. Nothing matters after death it feels like a dream because you have attained nothing, the energy that came to this earth when you were born is now going with your death, no potential of that energy has been reached. There was something telling me this and tears were rolling down as if for a moment i have known the whole absurdity.

Something has to be done, this energy has to reach its highest potential. life should not be lived for these futile things.

When you considered.

When you consider yourself a Hindu, Muslim or Christian,etc.

You have already considered yourself separated from everyone else.

When you consider yourself a Indian, German, American, etc.

You have started to live in a pot hole.


Here’s my reply to those who respect their respective armies,

They think it’s just okay to have an army which protects (kills) other people.

But it is just foolish to have an army, aren’t we humans that intelligent to live in peace with one another?

First we divided people into nations and now they are like our enemies and people just want their enemies killed, don’t they think they are human beings as well. It’s just the same energy in all of us.

We appoint and appreciate armies to kill some person from another country and is that’s the basis on which we kill for no reason other than man-drawn boundaries, is it what we call protection or attack against whom? Other human beings?

Listen, it’s not protection man, it’s just the violence in you and armies are just the manifestation.

It has become so normal for us that we don’t even question it. What is army for?

Who is attacking us? We, humans can be more. People just haven’t seen what a human beings is capable of.



~Azaar kulani