When on the brink…

I must say mind is the only enemy and the only obstacle that hinders the growth of a man.

And by mind I mean the continuous waves in the ocean of consciousness,

When on the brink of attaining the no-mind, mind suddenly pulls you back.

Mind feeds on your very sexuality because it’s the only source from where it arises, sexuality arises from the mind. It is like it’s servant.

So, whenever the one who is trying to attain to the state of no-mind remember that mind through sexuality is gonna pull you back cause’ it doesn’t want to die.

Becoming aware you will stare in amazement.

Knowing it would be suffice.

Nevertheless with formative state comes its side-effects.

Trust me I have experienced that.

Be precaution in every move you make, one wrong step and then again it could take thousands of years.

Thank You for reading!

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