What going to cemetery everyday has taught me.

I don’t why but for quite a few days I have been going to visit graveyards.

And I really want to share something which i have learnt in these few days. i was sitting there and something suddenly struck me that, we people are constantly running for something,money, we are chasing our dreams and all kinds of stuff.

but when i was there, i started feeling like all that was futile, chasing after your passion,dreams, running after money, after people. Just for that moment i felt like it will bring to nothing, at the end you are gonna end up in a grave and you cannot take anything with you, your money, your success. Nothing matters after death it feels like a dream because you have attained nothing, the energy that came to this earth when you were born is now going with your death, no potential of that energy has been reached. There was something telling me this and tears were rolling down as if for a moment i have known the whole absurdity.

Something has to be done, this energy has to reach its highest potential. life should not be lived for these futile things.

When you considered.

When you consider yourself a Hindu, Muslim or Christian,etc.

You have already considered yourself separated from everyone else.

When you consider yourself a Indian, German, American, etc.

You have started to live in a pot hole.


Here’s my reply to those who respect their respective armies,

They think it’s just okay to have an army which protects (kills) other people.

But it is just foolish to have an army, aren’t we humans that intelligent to live in peace with one another?

First we divided people into nations and now they are like our enemies and people just want their enemies killed, don’t they think they are human beings as well. It’s just the same energy in all of us.

We appoint and appreciate armies to kill some person from another country and is that’s the basis on which we kill for no reason other than man-drawn boundaries, is it what we call protection or attack against whom? Other human beings?

Listen, it’s not protection man, it’s just the violence in you and armies are just the manifestation.

It has become so normal for us that we don’t even question it. What is army for?

Who is attacking us? We, humans can be more. People just haven’t seen what a human beings is capable of.



~Azaar kulani

Message to the dear.

Have been there before,

Always thought you were the one, the one I was looking for.

Thought you were the one I could indulge in.

And forget myself completely,

But the thing I forgot was you were desperate as me.

You weren’t you, you were looking to fake.

And the mistake was mine I was seeing you from afar, but when I came closer I realised everything is the same as was before I met you.

And then I realised there’s no meaning searching now, all have gone.

It suddenly struck me that you were all the same but the difference was in the bonnet, and it looked pretty good from afar.
(The last note)


Hurt more of a thorn.

I was reading a book which I finished today but when I was about to finish, a line stuck so deep like a thorn which I want to share.

Just take a single glance. Millions of times you have come here, and in each life you were hoping that something was going to change (even in this life you hope.) But nothing changes you have different husbands, different wives, different children, but they are all the same. All differences are only in the bonnets.

Remember the proverb: The grass on the other side of the fence always looks greener.

If we think about it whole life we have been running after eachother and we hope about someone better, we are not satisfied and believe me we never will be , I have experienced it. There’s really no difference because at the end of the day we all remain in misery no matter whom we get.

Make it stodgy.

Many religions try to make you deprive from pleasures of life, Like you would have seen priests or church people talking about we should avoid pleasures of every kind.

They try to impose celibacy, but it after all is an imposed one, it doesn’t arise from within.It makes a kind of repression in you, you repress your anguish, your sexuality in a way that someday is bound to become a problem, think about it repression brings obsession, you start seeing those things in your dreams.

I have thought about it and this seems to be the only possible solution: Don’t repress it, just get bored from it.

Be angry as much as you can, indulge in sexuality as much as you want but become aware in the moment see yourself indulging in the act and the absurdity will reveal itself.

Enjoy a pleasure that much that you get bored with it.

Sexuality, seems to be the only thing that most of us ignore or repress within, and no one talks about it. If you can’t be open with something natural then reaching and going beyond nature is a long way, the way to the beyond goes from the sexuality just see your passion, and you will know why sages and mystics talk about a universal orgasm.

Love everything, sex is not an exception

It may seem a little difficult because its not usual for you.

Just a few.

Through my effort I have known one thing and that is only few can understand what a true path is . The path that matters ,There are people who can’t and I have met many of those.

But there are also people who can but the ratio is very low.

I am glad i have seen something of immense beauty.

I know with me on this path there can be few people amd I don’t need a crowd,

A crowd cannot come with me, because everyone cannot understand so let the crowd go the other and crowd has never done any good.

But after this path of fire there comes of moment of eternal bliss.

~ Osho

To be a human is of great fortune, but to use that to immerse in the whole is even greater.

~ Buddha